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Common Questions

What to bring for your first appoinment?

Pets vaccination records - we DO need a copy
We REQUIRE Rabies vaccination
We SUGGEST Lepto, Bordetella & DHPP

How long will your pets appointment be?

We wish that we could give an exact estimate on time but every groom time is dependent on the dog, so ask fluffy! 
- Dogs under 40lbs typically take  between 2-3 hours
- Dogs over 40 lbs typically take 3-4 hours

How do you schedule dogs?

At Salty Dog we try to run on a one-on-one basis, so we try to have only one family with a groomer at a time with the exception of drop off and pick up times. We book all of our appointments by phone as of right now but we are working very hard to have online booking in the near future!

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