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Meet the Team


Lexi - Full time groomer

Lexi has loved animals since day one, she grew up training dogs and competing horses. She has been grooming for 10 years, working at both small and corporate salons she knew she had a passion for grooming but there was always something missing. She realized both groomers and their pets were being rushed through the grooming process and pets were not getting the individualized attention they needed from their groomers. So when she started Salty Dog she wanted it to be a slower and calmer pace for both dogs and groomers and now she runs the Salty Dog Pet Spa that pets and pet parents have come to know and love.

Hannah portrait.jpg

Hannah - Full time groomer

Hannah has been grooming for 6 years, between being a salon manager to grooming with a mobile company. She also found that she was having to rush through services to get dogs done and not being able to give them the one on one experience that all dogs deserve - she enjoys how rewarding it is to help pets feel and look their best. She is proud of the knowledge she has in pet nutrition and maintenance that she can share with her clients to help create an easier grooming process and fulfilled life for their pets. Although Hannah doesn't have a dog of her own she has two cats(that think they are dogs), Hamms and Nadga - along with two Axolotls named Neptune and Saturn! When she's not at work she enjoys hanging around with her pets, attending concerts and roller skating. We are so grateful to have her here at Salty Dog!

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Staff pets



Husky mix



East-European Shepherd



Shih Tzu

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Jamberry Rose "Jammy"

Paint Pony


Joker's Wild Water Star "Star"


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Tyne Be Merry "Merry"

Irish Sport Horse


Dazzlin Maxim Foxx "Giraffe"

Paint Appendix

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German Shepherd Dog



Husky mix

Team: Team Members
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